I graduated from the University of Washington.  Before real estate I worked in the financial services industry.  I am married and have 2 beautiful daughters.  I enjoy cooking and spending time with family.  My approach to real estate is simple, I handle every single transaction with care and diligence making sure that my client's best interest always comes first! 


I support our military and am so grateful for everything that you do to keep our beautiful country safe.  I provide all veterans who buy a home through me with special rebate as a way to thank you for your service. 


I am always thinking ahead and risk management is always a priority when it comes to my clients.  I encourage every buyer client to use as much due diligence as need in order to insure that they are buying a good home and not a headache.  I always advise my listing clients to provide as much disclosure, knowledge, and documentation as possible in order to ensure that the purchaser is aware of everything that the seller is aware of with regard to the subject property. 


In summary, my approach to real estate is simple, honesty is always the best policy and my clients always come first!